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What’s Craigslist and how to start a website like this?

What’s Craigslist and how to start a website like this?

Craigslist started in 1995 was associate of emails list, in today’s thing are changed, now we are using craigslist as ads poster, maybe you are using Australia craigslist, Kenya craigslist, and more with a different organization. I am using the USA craigslist, all craigslist helps account owners to sell or purchase different properties such as housing, jobs, and many more properties, so, we have brought to you this articles to know secretes of craigslist sites users can even participate altogether kinds of discussions on craigslist forums.

Craigslist is it very popular? I can answer yes because craigslist in different countries, such as Australia craigslist, Kenya and more, are most used to post ads at little price and are also have attractive topics, dates, and locations. Craigslist allows you to post ads in your language even your site has specific languages it support.

Craigslist is very popular Although Craigslist isn’t the sole web site of its kind, it somehow manages to best alternative giants like Gumtree, OLX, and Oodle.

Newspaper-like look

Craigslist hasn’t modified its style since its launch back in 1995. Ads on Craigslist look very the same as ads in a very newspaper that makes them clear and attractive for everybody, together with older folks. As a matter of reality, there’s not abundant of a style to the web site in the slightest degree. No images, no animations.  bunch of links in several categories. Nonetheless, this style permits customers to realize their goals within the least time doable.
The design of Craigslist is by choice. That is what makes it special and clear for users.

Ad diversity

Craigslist is everything for everybody. the website covers seventy countries and supports thirteen languages. It contains many classes of ads and includes a forum wherever folks will discuss all types of topics, from code development to parenting and veganism.  For each month, concerning sixty million ads area unit denote on the location, together with one million job postings. It is right to craigslist are very important and beneficial for everybody.

Free or low-cost ads

in craigslist you can post ads at free or low cost, as a beginner you will need to create an account that will also help you to be up to date with craigslist, you will post millions of ads if you need just for free Users outside the United States of America don’t even get to register. Anyone will visit the Craigslist web site and build an advertisement with many clicks. It’s as easy as tying shoes, job ads, lodging rental ads, and ads for a few other important ads services value cash, however even then solely in specific areas like a port of entry, the big apple town, and alternative big cities. Still, the foremost valuable posting on Craigslist is way cheaper than on job board websites. costs on Craigslist vary between $15 and $75 per post. You are in the right place do you want to know more about how to create craigslist and post ads for free?

Way to build a web site like Craigslist

as you know people discover and others innovate, as craigslist started in 1995, there is a website like this started to work after this, I can give an example of our website usa craigslist but we can’t work the same 100 %. If you’re hustling over a way to build a web site like Craigslist, you must replicate on 2 options: developing it from scratch, means you can start it over, from website design and victimization open supply solutions. Let’s explain the strengths and weaknesses of every approach.
Open supply answer. To build a classified web site supported associate degree open supply answer like WordPress, you wish to make a web site and add (buy) an issue with the practicality you wish. If an issue doesn’t have a selected feature, let’s say a payment, you’ll purchase a plugin to increase the practicality of your web site.


  • The price: you’ll launch a Word Press web site nearly for gratis (you got to pay just for a website and hosting) and you will need strong to protect you from hackers I mean you have to find the best web hosters.   .do you wanna know more about WordPress and SEO  although lovely style themes and extra plug-ins that area unit paid too and beaked on a monthly basis.
  • Development time. Technically speaking, you don’t get to produce or build something. You’ll select elements of your web site. This method can take less time than developing from scratch.
  • No would like for secret writing skills. though you don’t have any technical or secret writing data, you’ll be ready to launch a web site.


There area unit tons of themes with classified advertisement practicality. to increase that practicality, you’ll add plugins. However, you can’t exclude the options you don’t would like. You will need the most colors and add your logo; but, if you wish to considerably amendment the practicality or style of an issue, you’ll like facilitate from an expert developer. And to make sure, this is often a protracted and wearing method.

No support

A lot of plug-ins you augment your web site, a lot of difficult it gets. Add a growing range of users and you’ll get bugs and web site crashes. once this happens, you’ll get to realize a developer United Nations agency can initial got to audit the entire codebase and solely then will fix bugs.

No distinctive practicality

If you wish your product to own some distinctive, first-of-its-kind options or use technologies like machine learning, computing, or the blockchain, associate degree open supply answer won’t cut it.

Scalability problems

Open supply platforms like Word Press were at first created for blogs. Once you add various plugins to such a web site, you add items created by different groups with different secret writing designs. these solutions aren’t optimized for multiple information or a distributed database design. That way if you want to increase numbers or traffic to your website you have to think about developing it from scratch.

Development from scratch is good more than buy themes or other made stuff. When you build a web site from scratch, you’ll make sure that it’ll have those options that you will like and can have the planning that you just need. Development from scratch additionally means you get a chunk of code that belongs to you simply.

Scalable design

Development from scratch permits a product owner to style for the planned range of users and build a well-considered design that will simply scale once required. Product homeowners will even begin with a minimum viable product (MVP) then add options or modify the web site once and the way they need.

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