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Step by step guide to Post a Small Business Ad on Craigslist

Step by step guide to Post a Small Business Ad on Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the most mainstream online classifieds sites on the planet, overhauling 50 nations and many little and huge urban communities in the United States and enabling you to post promotions for occupations, things you wish to sell and even personals. Craigslist’s notoriety has immediately made it a go-to goal for individuals searching for an arrangement on the Web. Craigslist itself isn’t illicit, yet you should utilize alert when utilizing it to gain products and enterprises.

Criminal behavior

In spite of the fact that Craigslist staff attempts to keep content on the site legitimate, they experience experienced issues with unlawful postings previously. Police have directed a few prostitution stings that began with promotions on the site, and it isn’t unprecedented for hoodlums to endeavor to fence taken merchandise through the site. Craigslist effectively attempts to police its site and to guarantee that posts offering illicit or suspicious merchandise or administrations are evacuated; the network can signal presents on aid this exertion.

Best Practices

When managing Craigslist, the main assurance you get is from the individual with whom you are imparting. Craigslist attempts to guarantee posts are real, however, it doesn’t ensure anything found on the site. Continually bring a companion when looking at products available to be purchased and treat Craigslist blurbs like you would some other outsiders. In the event that an offer appears to be unrealistic, show alert in looking at it. Never surrender more close to home data than is expected to finish an exchange (email and telephone number are sufficient as a rule), and meet individuals out in the open spots at whatever point conceivable.

Not at all like numerous online administrations that charge expenses for posting promotions, Craigslist offers you the chance to publicize your business free. More than 60 million clients in the United States visit the Craiglist site each month, the organization reports. Putting a promotion for your independent company will enable you to publicize your items or administrations to Craigslist clients locally and the nation over. Craigslist asks that you just post your business promotion in the site’s “Administration Offered” class.

Stage 1

Go to the “Urban areas” page on Craigslist (interface in Resources) and snap on the city where you need to post your business advertisement.

Stage 2

Snap “Post to classifieds” on the left half of the page. Snap “Sign in to your record,” at that point enter your email address and secret key. Snap “Sign In.”

Stage 3

Pick “Administration Offered” and snap “Proceed.” Select “Little Biz Ad” as the promotion type, at that point click “Proceed” once more.

Stage 4

Type a particular area for your business, for example, an area or physical location. On the off chance that your business is online no one but, you can leave this field clear.

Stage 5

Enter a title for your posting. For instance, utilize your business name as the title, trailed by a concise portrayal of the item or administration you sell.

Stage 6

Snap “Anonymize” to veil your email address with an impermanent Craigslist email address. This shields your location from being reaped by spammers while enabling Craigslist perusers to get in touch with you. On the off chance that you are not worried about security and you need perusers to realize your genuine email address, click “Show.”

Stage 7

Type a definite depiction of your item or administration. Incorporate your business telephone number and long periods of activity in the portrayal, whenever wanted. Giving a telephone number causes you to appear to be increasingly reliable to potential clients. Snap “Proceed” when you are happy with your portrayal.

Stage 8

Snap “Peruse” on the following page in the event that you need to transfer a picture for your promotion. Select a picture on your PC and snap “Open” to transfer and embed it into the advertisement. Craigslist enables you to have up to eight pictures for each advertisement. Snap “Finished with Images” when you are done transferring pictures.

Stage 9

Snap “Proceed” on the check page to affirm and post your advertisement. On the off chance that you have to make changes, click “Alter Text” or “Alter Images.”

Stage 10

It can take to as long as two hours before your promotion is live on the site. You can return to Craigslist to check. Snap-on the territory where your property is situated on the right. Under lodging, click on “condos/lodging.” Type the location of your property in the hunt bar at the top and if your promotion comes up, it is dynamic on the site.


At the point when you post an advertisement, Craigslist sends you an affirmation email. Snap the connection in the email to go legitimately to your promotion and make changes to it, is fundamental.

Craigslist gets the most traffic somewhere in the range of 4 and 9 p.m. every day, as per the National Federation of Independent Business. Attempt to post your advertisement between those hours to get the most introduction.

On Craigslist, you should hold up 48 hours in the event that you need to post another promotion.

Your advertisement will stay live on the site for 45 days. Craigslist offers you a chance to re-post the promotion when it lapses. You can see the advertisements you’ve presented by going on the “Your Postings” tab after you’ve signed in. You can go to the lapsed promotion and basically hit “re-post” to post a similar advertisement once more.

Remember to bring down all promotions for the property after your opening has been filled. Go to the “Your Postings” tab in the wake of signing in, discover the promotion, and snap evacuate.

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