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Post your Ads

Post your Ads

Craigslist is one of the most famous portals we have been seeing for last few years. It can prove to be a wild ride in certain circumstances. The platform lets you make purchases as well as sales within reasonable limits without having any personal attentions. Making your craigslist post to stand out of crowd is something tricky but not impossible though. You have to be a competitive poster for that and you must post your craigslist ads in a way, which should be smart enough for reader’s attraction. Just spend some time now and reach out to our upcoming content following the complete guidance for special tips and tricks.

Post Your Craigslist Ads for Free

Just you need to follow certain steps mentioned below to post your craigslist ads for free i.e. with no account and of course with no money investment. It is up to you if you want to create craigslist account and in that case, you need to go to homepage, select city, and then go. Steps may vary in all cases depending on category chosen.

Title Selection

Title is the main key especially when you are ready to post your craigslist ads. Craigslist notes the title at the very first glance and you have to make it sure that the title you are choosing or have chosen must be eye-catching, informative, and for sure impressive. If details are not sufficient, it can be the possibility that people might not click or like your ad or may ignore the service or product you are offering. It would be best if you add short description beneath especially if you are selling something to let users know about product/service quality telling them that it is for sale and in brand new condition etc. Few examples include available to sell, brand new condition, works best etc. Title selection must be made according to product i.e. for apartments it must be like rent, sale, or looking for type and like this.


Like title, description has secondary importance and can’t be denied. It has to be detailed and something more informative. It must be the best presentation as well as entire talk about the product/service. It must tell the user that why he should buy or avail your product/service and what’s so different in your product. Be professional and to-the-point. Avoid unnecessary talks and discussions when you sit to post your craigslist ads. Like, suppose you are offering some job, you must mention job expectations and duties along with compensation plus benefits. You must also mention desired qualifications plus certifications needed. You must avoid giving or asking any personal identity until or unless it becomes mandatory. Try having a solid contact through emails in start and when relationship or business rises, you may look for other communication channels.


Putting images to post your craigslist ads is worthy. The best thing with craigslist platform is that they have provided users with picture uploader one can use. You can upload images using the same uploader and can upload multiple images if needed. This is mandatory as the images deeply support to sell some product. Suppose, anyone is in a dire need of any physical product i.e. mobile or any electronics and poster has given enough information but no image, possibility is there viewer will skip the same. This gives bad impression to potential buyers hence making your own business loss. Take interior as well as exterior shots of product and upload them as much as you can but in good quality following craigslist uploading rules and policies.

Text Spicing

You can spice up your post text by making the best use of HTML editor available at the platform. You can have better text manipulation. This includes making text bold, italic, underline, justify, align, coloring, bulleted, anchor, and much more. If any of the options are not there, you can manually apply HTML by hand, which needs to be known by you i.e. basic knowledge must be with you. You can give a brief look at Craigslist help page where you can check various HTML codes and the ways to apply them. This would surely let you post your craigslist ads in more attractive, informative, and catchy ways.

Category Choice

This has to be done properly and effectively. Suppose, you are to post your craigslist ads for automobile or entertainment industry, you may better choose the same category and sub category. Keep in mind that if you made wrong choice, craigslist would at first glance, cancel or disapprove your post or even if they approve mistakenly or luckily for you, user  may not be interested in your ads or may avoid you resulting in your own loss. Hence, if ad posting is freely available, it is recommended to edit ads and make desired changes else you can remove and re-post.


Last but not the least; product price can never be compromised and you should not avoid it. Many posted when post their ads they keep price zero or low or no price resulting in communication gap with readers or buyers. When they visit them, they say different costs leading to issues. Hence, it is recommended to provide accurate and original price when you are up to post your craigslist ads so that you may not face issues at later stage. It may be as per country choice i.e. in USA, it would be in dollars and in UAE, and it would be AED, and so on.

Many more ways are there to let you to post your craigslist ads but very few basic ones are discussed in mentioned content. If you at least follow them, you could make the best post, which surely would be more effective and attractive. Moreover, this would let customers come to you again and again and maybe they request some more items from you from the same niche and your business may flourish by the passage of time.  Some of the posters share locations also from the maps but it is not recommended as per security issues, anyways, platform allows it.

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