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Classification of Advertising Media

Classification of Advertising Media

Promoting messages can be passed on to the intended interest group through a few publicizing media. Publicists must pick the correct promoting media to convey the publicizing message. A wide assortment of media is utilized for distributing promoting the message. Every medium has its relative points of interest (merits), impediments (faults), and materialness. Advertisers can choose those promoting media, which are appropriate in all the significant viewpoints.

Give us a chance to characterize promoting media:


1. Promoting media, likewise alluded as promotion media, can be characterized as: Advertising media are the methods or vehicles through which sponsor imparts his message to planned clients to impact their conduct.

2. Brennan characterizes: “The term ‘media’ comprises of every single strategy that the sponsor has at his order to convey his message to open.”

3. At last, more plainly, we can say: Advertising media are the physical methods whereby advertiser enlightens the purchasers regarding products and ventures.

Types (or Classification) of Advertising Media:

Significant promoting media, as appeared, incorporate press media, direct publicizing, open-air media, broad media, promoting claims to fame, and others.

Press Media:

Press media are likewise called print media. Print media are prevalent and generally utilized for business publicizing. Various individuals can be tended to by print media. Appealing mottos, proclamations, words, figures, pictures, drawings, relative explanations, diagrams, and so forth., can be utilized for publicizing the items in beautiful and cunning way. Press media fundamentally includes papers, magazines, and different distributions.

1. Papers

Papers are a mainstream medium to contact or illuminate an enormous number of clients. Papers might be morning or night; might be in English, Hindi or in other local dialects; might be day by day or week after week; might be neighborhood, local or national; or might be normal or uncommon version.

The organization ought to think about course, language, geological inclusion, value, validity, expenses of purchasing space, and nature of printing while at the same time choosing an appropriate paper. Pictures, trademarks, figures, diagrams, and so on., can be utilized. Organizations can utilize a multi-hued ad, as well.

2. Magazines

Magazine is another prevalent and carefully utilized publicizing medium. It is like papers as to numerous perspectives. To buyers, magazines are treated as wellspring of data and stimulation. An enormous assortment of magazines or periodicals is distributed week after week, fortnightly, month to month, quarterly, half-yearly or every year.

Direct or Mail Advertising

Direct promoting can be characterized as Any type of publicizing wherein the message is coordinated to explicit people straightforwardly by the sponsor. This medium comprises of composed, printed, or handled message conveyed legitimately to the chose purchasers. This arrangement of media is utilized to advance the objective market straightforwardly.

Most normally utilized techniques for direct publicizing are:

1. Direct mail advertisements:

The firm straightforwardly sends a composed or printed letter to a few or all clients. Such letters contain a message, item depiction, exceptional offers, and so on. Now and again, completely tended to and slowly stepped answer envelope is additionally sent to get reaction. Direct mail advertisements can be sent to clients utilizing various techniques like messenger administrations, paid people, or postal administrations.

2. Fax

List, greeting, propelling of the new item or any message can be sent through a fax machine. In any case, the organization must realize the fax number of the collectors. Presently, fax is utilized generally for various purposes. Words, pictures, tables, graphs, images, and so forth., can be sent through fax. It very well may be utilized for constrained clients and is regularly applied for modern items.

3. Email

Email is a generally new and well-known instrument for sending a message. It is sent to extraordinary clients whose email addresses are accessible or straightforwardly to all the record holders. For instance, Hotmail or MSN Messenger administrations, G-Mail, Yahoo and numerous others give free errand person administrations. Notwithstanding, the publicist needs to pay for publicizing his items.

Open-air or Mural Media:

These days, open-air publicizing media are generally utilized for practically a wide range of merchandise and enterprises. Open-air media are unnecessarily utilized by makers and sellers, inns, eateries, scholastic organizations, aviation routes, banks, protection, and so forth.

Cold drinks, bonds, cigarettes, oil-based goods, and beauty care products items broadly utilize these media for promotion. They are otherwise called wall painting media. Those organizations, which are not in a position to spend the colossal sum on TV, radio, papers or magazines, may decide on these media.

Most regular open-air publicizing media have been quickly examined underneath:

1. Pennants

They are utilized at famous spots like cricket matches, competitions, arrange appears, fairs, ability shows, and yearly elements of school, universities, and colleges, workshops, and gatherings, or open gatherings.

2. Unique Signboards

They are utilized at transport and railroad satiations showing course or stage number or demonstrating the name of streets and bearings in the city. Most wireless specialist organizations including Vodafone, Idea Cellular, Airtel, and so forth., utilize this medium to advance their name and brand.

Broad Media

The media that can be seen or potentially hear are known as broad media promoting media. In contemporary showcasing condition, these media are the most prevalent intends to send publicizing message. Advertisers are utilizing forcefully the broad media vehicles to demonstrate the prevalence of their items over the contenders.

These media, however costly, are considered as the cutting edge and renowned among all the publicizing media. This arrangement of media is unnecessarily utilized for a wide range of merchandise and ventures. Various media mostly incorporate TV, radio, short films, the Internet, moving slides, film slides, and so forth.


Maybe it is the least expensive (as far according to audience cost) and generally inescapable among all media utilized for mass correspondence. It crosses the proficiency hindrances. Countrywide or on specific districts, the immediate message is passed on to the (ideal gathering of) audience members.

Radio is utilized not just for promoting national programs by the Government for Family Planning, inoculation, lady instruction, environmental protection, disintegration of superstitions, or some other projects of social and national intrigue, but at the same time is utilized by numerous organizations for business publicizing.

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