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You won’t believe what Craigslist crooks are getting away with now

it’s far a disaster of inconceivable proportions and some thing you desire would never take place to you.

transferring is demanding enough. you have to p.c. up the whole thing you own, put it in containers, roll breakables in bubble wrap, alternate your cope with, cancel utilities, and smooth your complete vicinity. the drill.

well, now you furthermore may have to worry approximately this: Getting the entirety you very own stolen.

that’s what took place to one circle of relatives in Douglas County, Georgia, however it is a caution for every person. It started out when they employed movers they noticed on Craigslist.

The group consisted of men and a U-Haul. The family had deliberate to follow the movers to their new domestic, but when they were given to the parkway, the truck took off with all in their assets internal.

Hours later, after arriving at their new house, there was nevertheless no sign of the movers. The circle of relatives referred to as the police. here’s the actual kicker. once police started investigating, they observed the U-Haul abandoned and empty. those thieves managed to thieve an entire family’s assets in a stolen truck.

days after the robbery, a container changed into discovered at the aspect of the street that belonged to the circle of relatives. It had very critical files interior, but the iPads and telephones packed in that same box were long gone. despite the fact that, the own family became relieved to have that unique box lower back in their possession.

The envisioned quantity in losses is about $75,000. Police are nonetheless searching into the theft.

The lesson to be learned here? sometimes it’s really worth the extra money to hire specialists or hire a U-Haul, acquire a few buddies and pass the entirety yourselves. you can make it really worth their while and praise them with pizza or some thing afterwards.

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