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Why you don’t try to hire a hacker on Craigslist

You by no means recognize who’s on the other stop of a Craigslist ad. The classified ads web site is tremendous for finding everything from used vehicles to less expensive mobile phones. but there may be a sinister facet to Craigslist, too.

as it seems, there are also criminal dummies at the site. case in point, a Pennsylvania guy who had $16,000 in fines for DUI convictions and an assault charge. instead of pay up, he is now in the back of bars.

it truly is because Zachary Landis posted an ad, using secure-mail.net, on Craigslist to lease a “genius hacker.” He desired this person to break into the courtroom’s computer system to wipe out those $sixteen,000 in fines.

He didn’t are aware of it, but a cop answered to the advert. Landis blew his cowl once they had been negotiating prices for the hack. Landis despatched the cop a screenshot of himself. because it grew to become out, his Gmail account changed into open in the back of him.

The cop contacted Google and become instructed that email become associated with Landis. Craigslist strengthened the case when it stated the ad was posted via Landis’ IP address.

Landis pleaded responsible to legal fees, inclusive of tampering with public records, unlawfully the usage of a pc and computer trespass. right here’s his mug shot.

Landis will spend to four years in prison.

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