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This emotional Craigslist ad will break your heart

The response will put it right back together again!

Sometimes, Craigslist can be a cesspool of the worst of the worst, but it can also be a great tool to bring out the best in people. That’s just what happened because of this Colorado Craigslist ad.

Natalie Carson, a 19-year-old who aged out of foster care, took to Craigslist to find a family to help celebrate her birthday on June 10.

“It’s something that I’ve never really had,” Carson told ABC7. “Usually every birthday is really painful and it’s hard.”

Carson had it rough growing up, being placed in foster care as a baby after suffering abuse from her biological parents. Then, she was adopted by yet another abusive family and thrown back into foster care at age 12.

When she turned 18, she hopped on a bus to Westminster, Colorado, where she was homeless until she found a youth shelter called Urban Peaks. Here, she earned her GED and now takes computer science classes at a local college while working at a grocery store. But all she wants is a family. After hearing a story about a girl in California who had rented a family, she decided to follow suit. That’s why she decided to post for a rental family on Craigslist. Included in the post:

“I just want one day that I can feel important and special, and like I matter even if I really don’t,” she wrote.

Carson just might have gotten her wish. More than 1,000 families applied to help her celebrate her special day. In fact, Carson is a little overwhelmed with all the responses.

“I swear I’m getting 4 emails a minute now … I think I’ve gotten more than 1,000 emails.”

The responses haven’t been limited to the United States, either. There have been offers coming from as far away as Australia and Canada, along with offers for flights, cars, money and other huge parties, but Carson explained that she wants to keep it simple.

“I just want a normal birthday, nothing extravagant,” says the student, adding, that she doesn’t even like “fancy dinners. That’s not my personality.”

Carson has not chosen a family to celebrate with, and now feels bad that she can’t celebrate with everyone who responded to her post.

“Now I feel more hopeful about my birthday, and more happy. I feel a bit bad too, though in a way, because I’ll be 40 before I can celebrate my birthday with all of these people. I want to be like, ‘Will you be willing to wait until I’m 40?’”

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