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Swarovski is Advertising a $60 Crystal Bracelet on Craigslist’s ‘Missed Connections’ Pages

If capability love matches slip thru the cracks of Craigslist’s neglected Connections pages — in which customers often try to reconnect after miscarried chance encounters — possibly this conciliatory token is the subsequent exceptional component.

In an abnormal circulate for a luxurious brand, Austrian glassmaker Swarovski has turned to Craigslist’s quasi-personal commercials phase to place listings in each new york and Philadelphia. each feels like a love letter clumsily laced with advertising reproduction.

“even as we weren’t precisely at [coffee shop] la Colombe, we bet you seemed wonderful lovable,” reads the Philadelphia listing. “We also think you’d appearance pretty exceptional in a touch some thing sparkly. maybe like a Swarovski Stardust Bracelet?”

The ny blurb calls out the precise identical product. “Who can face up to a lady it’s got the self assurance to scope the overlooked Connections? no longer us. In all realness, we guess you had been searching fab. We also guess you want your sparkle with a little aspect. right? perhaps something like the new Swarovski Stardust Bracelet?”

Even as Craigslist can also sound like a decidedly low-brow match for Swarovski, an govt has now come forward to say credit score for the commercials, explaining that their intention turned into to bring the storied crystal maker all the way down to earth.

“[This activity is] all designed to help dispel the perception that Swarovski is handiest for crimson carpet moments and unique events,” Steve red, the CCO of Swarkovski’s ad organization, told enterprise Insider. “we hope we’ll pleasantly wonder some curiously intrigued women on neglected Connections, and that they’ll sparkle a little bit more the next time they trap someone’s eye.” And Swarovski is doing its element to spread the love. A handful of girls who spoke back to the advert in each the big apple and Philadelphia had been proficient with the $60 bracelets, according to enterprise Insider.

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