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Making money on Craigslist: Buying what you know

Whether or not you’re starting out casually or going to try to do it complete time, you have to start buying with what you recognize. The greater about the items you are trying to shop for and promote, the greater profit you will make. anything you start buying and selling, grasp it. If it’s video video games, understand how a good deal all of the systems promote for brand new, how tons they promote used at video video games shops, on ebay, and on Craigslist. understand what the call for is for the whole lot. Is a brand new gadget about to be launched? As instances goes by using it will become greater apparent to you the way a good deal cash there is to be made in that place.in the meantime, as you’re buying and promoting what you realize, pick out and studies other classes you would really like to get into and study the whole lot there may be to understand about these other areas. Tip: The extra expensive the item is new, the extra the possibility to profit off the resale. There isn’t plenty earnings in small kitchen home equipment, even in case you get them without cost. For a few that’s excellent, whilst others of you’ll ought to deal in larger priced objects.

to illustrate my points above, I want to share with you the tale of the one and handiest time I’ve lost cash on a purchase this beyond 12 months. (some of you would possibly say if I’ve most effective misplaced cash once that I’m not being competitive enough. That can be authentic and that i’m wrestling with that. after I commenced, I had $two hundred to my call. I couldn’t have enough money to make mistakes. I’ll share more about the way it all commenced in any other publish.)

My handiest loss

i was scanning Craigslist one day when a person published an ad for a pile of a hundred antique baseball playing cards, $a hundred and fifty. No photo, no info. I known as the guy proper up and started out getting information. I requested him what yr the playing cards had been and instructed him where to look. He said they had been 1968 Topps baseball cards. candy! I pulled up a on line pricing manual and had him read off the names of all the cards at the telephone. approximately half manner through I had made up my mind i was going to move get the playing cards. The pile changed into going to be worth lots! So I left my pc and drove out to satisfy the kid. after I commenced searching through the playing cards my coronary heart sank. They had been all from 1974. I had no longer a clue what any playing cards from 1974 were really worth. I went back and forth and ended up speaking him all the way down to $one hundred for the cards. I went home and regarded them up on eBay and my coronary heart sank. The complete set, which I had like 1/10th of turned into promoting for a few hundred bucks. I took the cards back and after haggling with the child for deceiving me over the cellphone I traded the cards again for an Ipod nano and a mini SD card. The damage were carried out, the streak changed into over, i finished up losing $30 on the deal. Humbled, I found out a treasured lesson. purchase what you know. Doing 3 minutes of studies earlier than you go out to buy your subsequent object can be a dangerous element. In trendy, it’s now not a great concept, although there will be exceptions. once I made $225 on a 28 drawer craftsman tool chest via pulling up the Sears internet site earlier than I raced across town to pick the component up for $25. Be cautious.

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