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Lawyers apply for a $30,000 (fake) job

You recognize the process marketplace for lawyers must be hard if there are truely candidates for a $30,000 a 12 months position. An attorney in big apple published the “job” on Craigslist, making it sound just like the worst attorney job ever. It changed into indexed as a task with a company in midtown big apple, a salary of $30,000, and an entire bunch of regulations.

The “process” required 12-hour days, six days a week, provided no health insurance, required paintings on holidays. additionally tremendous become the reality that the location presented three days of unwell go away and five days of vacation, all of that may only be taken in January and February. The purpose? The attorney needed to be available to fill in for all of the companions after they took break day.

How sad that the guy who posted this faux advert virtually obtained several severe responses to it. (He published a comply with-up listing, explaining that he’d ruin their materials and now not launch their names.) I do not know if it is worse that the human beings were absolutely willing to just accept this kind of task, or that they didn’t realise it turned into all a joke. it’s quite clean to me that the advert is a fake, however apparently not all determined attorneys are that sharp.

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