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How to get the price you want on your Craigslist items

Human beings are usually asking me how i am getting the rate I want on the objects I promote. I used to rarely get my asking rate and frequently instances, i might get worked over in rate negotiations. right here are some matters I’ve learned:

1. Recognise what your object is well worth. perform a little research, examine what others are promoting the object for and how many are for sale? Are there 15 different identical paper shredders that humans are trying to promote? How plenty can someone buy the item on line for? once you come up with a charge….

2. Be confident. Is your quality washing device really worth $a hundred? simply. a brand new one expenses $500 and yours works perfect and looks outstanding as properly. in case you are confident, people received’t even hassle seeking to get the fee down. i get haggled with perhaps one time out of 20 now! I used to get haggled every time as i used to be half of desperate to promote the gadgets, and no longer very assured in my pricing. I were given worked over a lot. i am getting my full asking price likely ninety nine% of the time now.

3. Take delight to your object. Take precise pix, write a great description, (no longer hiding giant flaws) and don’t apologize for some thing. You don’t recognize what people want. That little dent at the front of your washing system doesn’t count to the rancher that’s going to put it in his barn to clean horse blankets with. The object’s flaws might motive a few to turn away, however not every person. stop caring about what anyone would possibly suppose. All that topics is which you make a further individual glad together with your object, the cease buyer.

4. Be affordable. Your no longer going a good way to promote your 32 inch lcd tv for $25o when someone should purchase one from on line retailers for $185 shipped on sale now. (Dealnews.com) nobody cares how much you paid for it. perform a little research and price your items reasonably.

5. Be affected person. Craigslist isn’t magic. every so often it takes an afternoon or to promote an item, in particular if it’s at marketplace price. if your object sells inside a couple of minutes, you priced it too low and someone like myself snatched it up and will make a terrific chew of cash reselling it. if you price an object simply right it’ll take everywhere from a half of of a day to 2 days to sell, obviously relying on demand for the stated object.

all of the above are important, but self assurance is the most important issue.

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