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Craigslist Founder Launches a New Site to Connect Nonprofits

launched March 2011

primarily based in San Francisco

The group Newmark and 7 impartial contractors

127,593 web page perspectives, 79,059 specific site visitors, and 1,200 user-submitted philanthropic ideas inside the first weeks

What it’s miles
Self-proclaimed “geek” Craig Newmark turned an electronic mail list among pals into Craigslist, one of the top 20 maximum tremendously trafficked websites on the net. Now he’s devoted to Craigconnects, an internet network wherein humans committed to diverse causes can meet, share facts and work collectively to create fine trade.

the way it started
Newmark were offering advice, social media help and donations to some of nonprofits. by way of 2010, he had misplaced track of how many corporations he became working with, so he and one among his team contributors tallied them. “I notion there had been approximately 20 or 30. Turns available had been greater than one hundred,” he says. “I spoke to a few individuals who are lots smarter approximately nonprofits and communications and they cautioned I create an anchor page.”

Why You have to Watch
while the idea is rather indistinct and the website’s survival depends on his persisted hobby and investment, Newmark–one in every of social media’s maximum active and powerful members–says he is dedicated to sticking with it for the next two decades. And whilst someone with his song record is that devoted, it is well worth paying interest.

The commercial enterprise Case
that is a work in progress, too. but Newmark is prepared to help the website online out of his own pocket. And he’s adamant that Craigconnects isn’t a funding entity. For now, it is his private cash pit until the precise sales version is determined.

what’s subsequent
Newmark has already connected numerous groups that offer veterans and homeless people with task-seek gear. He believes that the web page will one day be a force in getting “nearly everybody on the earth to connect for their very own person concept of what goodwill is.”

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