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A new economic indicator?

when I first started out getting interested by the financial system, the united states of america turned into going through a little downward trend. as the tv commentators screamed, foamed at the mouth, and declared that the four horsemen of the apocalypse were saddling up their ponies, my pal Linda clued me into her favourite economic indicator.

Taking me out for a trip on Interstate eighty one, she mentioned the substantial variety of vehicles that have been clogging the dual carriageway. once I requested her why this turned into relevant, she stated that vehicles carried goods and items went to stores. a whole lot of vehicles translated into quite a few buying and accordingly a strong financial system. certain sufficient, a few days later, the speaking heads were already bloviating about the economy’s wonderful recuperation.

there is much to be stated for Linda’s truck index, however i have considering that found out to study other indicators. at the same time as the fee of gold or the recognition of T-bills are incredible indications of the strength of the financial system, they are not all that plenty fun.
With that in mind, i was excited to come upon Edward Hayes’ “high-end female friend Index.” basically a measure of the popularity of mistresses, the HEGI focuses on a selected kind of Wall road worker who turned into an outcast in excessive faculty and college, but has used his achievement inside the marketplace to attract younger ladies. Hayes notes that, when a wealthy guy divests himself of the trappings of wealth, the closing issue to go is the money-besotted lady friend: “in case you’re a quick, unpleasant 40-yr-antique man and you are throwing over a fantastic lady friend, you are desperate.”

currently, Hayes has watched as severa titans have needed to surrender their arm sweet, convincing him that we are now in critical economic straits. With that during mind, I commenced searching through the big apple classifieds on Craig’s list, assuming that lately liberated excessive-end girlfriends is probably attempting to find their next partner and that wealthy titans is probably on the lookout for decrease-maintenance partners. while Craig’s list may not be the appropriate venue for such transactions, I can not come up with the money for to eavesdrop inside the looking grounds of the high and potent, and eBay simply seemed a touch too industrial.

inside a couple of minutes of looking, i discovered more than one interesting postings, together with one from a “ballerina type” in search of an “government type.” She claims to be searching for “a guy that likes the finer things in life (and can have the funds for them).” She is “willing to date an older guy,” and clearly likes “CEO’s, govt vice president’s and pinnacle income types.” eventually, she notes that she loves “being on the arm of a a hit man. What a turn on!”

The guys’s facet changed into a bit extra express and mercenary, however I managed to discover a few promising listings, together with “scholar sought by means of handsome benefactor,” “i can take you shopping when your husband/boyfriend won’t,” and “rich bachelor for trophy wife or female friend.” My favorite, even though, changed into “rich married guy looking for a female friend,” a listing that turned into simplicity itself, mentioning “in case you [sic] interested in a discreet dating and don’t mind being the girl on the side and being spoiled, then permit me realize.” there’s loads to be stated for clear, concise writing!

manifestly, my “Craig’s listing Mistress Index” needs a bit paintings. still, not gaining access to Edward Hayes’ HEGI, I must make do. within the meantime, if absolutely everyone desires to help me weed via hundreds of personals commercials, I think we ought to supply the Dow Jones a run for its cash!

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