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$40 Craigslist printer sale turns into legal nightmare

A reputedly easy Craigslist transaction has became a nearly seven-12 months-lengthy legal struggle for one Massachusetts resident, reports the Indianapolis megastar.

The saga commenced in 2009 when Doug Costello bought a used printer to an Indiana guy, Gersh Zavodnik, for $forty plus round $35 in transport, notes the each day Mail.

in step with a report filed with the courtroom of Appeals of Indiana, Zavodnik, who is accused of frequently submitting legal proceedings relating to on-line purchases, sued Costello for $6,000 considering that the tool changed into defective.

however, the court dominated in opposition to the plaintiff because the printer have been thrown out.

Zavodnik then filed a chain of felony requests and court cases against Costello for even better quantities in damages—one for as a great deal as $600,000, consistent with the Indianapolis big name.

due to the fact the Massachusetts guy did not respond to a number of the paperwork—which he claims he by no means received—a judge in the end ended up ruling in opposition to him in a $30,000 judgment in 2015.

last month, an appeals court overturned that selection and has decided to maintain a capacity dismissal hearing “primarily based on Zavodnik’s repeated, flagrant, and continuing failure to conform with Indiana’s guidelines of process.”

Costello says that he does no longer intend to sue the litigant despite incurring greater than $12,000 in legal fees.

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